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Style Description Type Backing colour Back length Back Length HPS Backrise (at top of waistband) Barrier Binding Bottom Depth Bottom hem Bottom Width Center Back Length Chest Colour/pattern Cover Colour Cuff circumference (leg opening) Depth Design Dimensions Fabric content Frontrise (at top of waistband) Full sweep Height Inseam Inside leg (inseam) Length # of Compartments Neck Circumference Neck Opening Outside leg (outseam) Overlap Pocket Size (LXW) Side Tie Location Size Sleeve Sleeve/Arm Length Sleeve Circumference Sleeve/Cuff circumference Sleeve Inseam Sleeve Length Soaker Stitching Stitching at Top Surface Sweep Thickness Thigh (at crotch seam) Thread Thread Count Ties Top Depth Topper Waist height Waist (relaxed) Waist (stretched) Warranty Weight Width
PTD-LS/​S/​UK Swift UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet featuring MIP Patented Smart Sheet design Standard (Single Bed) White knit with Blue central panel
PTD-LS/​BA1/​Y/​UK Swift UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet featuring MIP Patented Envelope Design Bariatric White knit with Blue central panel, White binding, Yellow thread for identification
PTD-56/​BA/​Y/​UK Swift® Slider Standard Length Yellow Taffeta 123 x 186cm - Suitable for standard and bariatric application
PTD-56/​BA/​LG/​UK Swift® Slider Long Length Blue L200 x W205cm - Suitable for standard and bariatric application
PTD-56/​BA/​H/​UK Swift® Slider with Handles Yellow Taffeta L200 x W243cm - Suitable for standard and bariatric application

Features & Benefits

Manual Handling Experts, Occupational Therapists, Nurses & Caregivers alike are clear, they want a repositioning solution that is affordable and easy to use. Introducing Swift® from MIP, the washable, in-bed system that is also discreet and comfortable for the care receiver. Swift® can be used in community and residential care, respite units, hospice care and some acute settings such as frail elderly, complex needs, palliative care and intensive care.

The Swift® In-Bed Repositioning System uses the UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet in conjunction with the Swift® Sliders for use with more dependent patients/residents who have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning. It's Ultra Thin breathable fabrics make the device suitable to remain under the patient at all times, without any negative impact on the performance of specialty mattresses

  • Designed and developed by MIP in partnership with a practicing Physiotherapist
  • Swift provides not only an appropriate tool for caregivers to safely reposition a person but also provides comfort and dignity to the patient

The UltraSlide® Bottom Sheet is designed using MIP's patented Smart Sheet design (Standard) and patented Envelope design (Bariatric) with an integrated low-friction panel down the centre. UltraSlide can also be used for patients/residents who are nearly independent with bed mobility as the low-friction surface allows them to move themselves more easily in bed.

The stretch SleepKnit® construction provides a smooth surface and fits most healthcare mattress (standard & bariatric) including profiling beds & alternating air pressure reducing mattresses:

  • Standard: Width: 32" to 36" (81 to 91 cm) Length: 78" to 84" (198 to 213 cm) Depth: 4" to 8" (10 to 20 cm)
  • Bariatric: Width: 42” to 50” (107 to 127 cm) Length: 78”to 84” (198 to 213 cm) Depth: 5” to 9” (13 to 23 cm)

The Swift® Slider is a friction reducing device that remains in-situ to assist with patient/resident repositioning, boosting and turning in bed. Made with a breathable, low-friction backing it allows staff to reposition patients/residents safely and easily whilst avoiding heat build up under the patient/resident. The Swift® Sliders can be tucked in when not in use and has the visual appeal of standard bedding. The thin profile will not impair the performance of pressure redistribution mattresses and can therefore remain on the bed when not in use (tucked in), making it readily available when needed. All Swift® Sliders are designed for both standard and bariatric use.

  • Standard Swift Slider - The central panel should support patient/resident from neck to just below the buttocks
  • Full Length Swift Slider - The Full Length Swift Slider supports the full length of a patient/ resident.
  • Full Length Swift Slider with Handles - The handles running inset down two length can be used to hook up to a hoist.

When undertaking any moving and handling tasks: 1. Make sure you have done your own risk assessment and that the technique being used is appropriate. 2. Or follow the handling plan from somebody who has done a risk assessment. 3. Check all equipment for any signs of wear and tear prior to use